My name is Sofya and I was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. However, at the age of 13, my family moved to Kenya, where I finished secondary school (IGCSE) and got a bilingual IB diploma. I fluently speak both English and Russian. Simultaneously with the British system, I did a Russian system, where I also have a diploma for finishing high school (attestat).

I was privileged to be accepted into my dream university- Loughborough University, where I study Graphic Communication and Illustration.

I had the honour of meeting and being tutored by one of my favourite jewellery artists and designer Anastasia Pribelskaya and learning the art of Lampwork and MetalClay. These skills had helped me to broaden my knowledge about different aspects of art.

Since secondary school, I was interested in films, especially after I saw an amazing film- Hobbit: the Unexpected Journey, I was inspired and fascinated by the process and the beauty of it. Ever since I wanted to be a part of the filming crew. I have also, always had an interest in storytelling and whenever I could I would write small stories and try to do small illustrations for them. 

With all my projects, I try to connect them to video or film content, so that the objects in the project can be used in a wider sense and context, as a part of a storytelling media- video, movie.

During my second year in university, I participated in Designathon. A competition where groups of people come together for 12 hours to solve a problem that is given: a sustainable city, change lives. Our group came up with an idea, we presented it and at the end won the competition.

In 2019 I started working as a freelance with a filmmaker Anastasia Raykova and helped her create some of the illustrations and posters for her upcoming films.

I am currently a part of the Mover team and I occasionally create illustrations for them. I have also created a logo for them.