I have studied the art of lampwork in summer after finishing school and never had thought that it will become such an important part of my life.

My teacher, who also later taught me metal-clay is Anastyasia Pribelskaya. I love her work and it constantly inspires me to create something new.

Working with glass is extremely enjoyable and exciting. It's never dull or boring. In the span of the few years I have mastered a few techniques and have even created something out of my head (minuture gees and chickens for one of my projects.) I find it fascinating and especially when creating natural forms like mushrooms and lichens.

Glass is the material that is very hard to grasp and it needs constant training and revising but once understood, It is perfect for some house decors and even fancy jewellery.

Most fascinating part of this material is that some types of glass change colour while you work and this brings the most amazing effects into the works.