University Projects

I study Graphic Communication and Illustration in Loughborough University, UK.

It is something that I wanted to do for a very long time and was delighted when I got in. 

Even though my first year was extremely educational and exciting, there were a few limitations. It wasn't as "artsy" and didn't contain a lot of illustration in it. I have learned a lot during that year, and today can do somethings that I thought I never could (like Dreamweaver and After Effect).

However, second year is much better, because we were given a lot of freedom to do what we wanted to do and focus on the aspects that we were interested in, so I had the opportunity to get into illustration and concept art with some of the project briefs.

Second year was the year when I could officialy practice digital drawing and I loved it and hope that I would be allowed to do it through the rest of my life.

Big Book Project

This project is based on the book called "Cautionary Tales for Children" by Hilaire Belloc.

As it was a group project, we separated the workload and I volunteered to do the illustration. Our theme was based around the combination of different things: Children's books, drugs and hallucinogenics, coffee table books. Unlike other groups, most of whom related the stories and tales to the crime and police, as they are quite dark, we decided to approach indifferently. The colours and the simple forms are meant to be for children to easily flip through the book. Some characters are not realistic, as well as the colours are chosen to capture the imagination of the child. However, taking inspiration from Disney, we included some of the things that would be relevant to the adults, the main component being the mushrooms that are spread out everywhere (and are a direct reference to drugs).

Photography brief

The brief was about creating a narrative out of the Photographs. They should have told a story, and anything can be used for it: a book, a song or a film, can be based on real events, anything, as long as you can tell a story out of the 10 or more photographs.

I chose a book that I quite enjoyed when I was little "Fahrenheit 451" by Ray Bradbury. My two friends volunteered to pose for the photos and some of them were hard and almost impossible to do (especially for an experienced beginner photographer.) After this project, I started to understand the filmmakers and why sometimes they change things.

I enjoyed it and loved the editing, all the tricks I did with the photographs to achieve the effect the I wanted was thrilling.

Study Trip to Prague Project

This particular project was extremely interesting and I really looked forward to it, but it was during such a short period of time that I couldn't finish all the workload that I have set myself and the final turned out not as I expected. Nonetheless, I loved drawing the character of Lady Prague.

The idea behind the graphic narrative was to visualise Prague as a person and guide the reader through its history in a playful and easygoing form. Personifications of other countries such as the UK, USA and Russia were given (for context) along with a little pre-history of a fantasy world of where the characters and personifications come from.

The total number of pages, including the title, had to be 8, so I was a little too ambitious for this project, as I quickly run out of space.

3D project and ecology briefs

These projects were interesting, but they weren't timed properly. 

The 3D project was based on finding a waste product and create a new product out of it. My waste product was the space debris metals that circle around the Earth. The idea was of collecting this debris and bringing them back to Earth, where it will be remodelled and resold as a luxury product, accessories like Vases or other parts of the interior.

The second project is related to the 17 UN goals and one country, for me Kenya as I lived there for a very long time. They are meant to be posters about saving the wildlife, both on the surface, as well as in the oceans.