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Traditional Pieces

future zoo.jpg

I have started drawing when I was little and my parents had taken me to the professional artistic classes in Moscow (to one of our friend's studio). From the very early age I was trained to draw the things exactly as I see them in different medias, first gouache and then more advanced watercolour. I had never had the freedom to draw from imagination but I still did it in my spare time. To be completly honest, I was never very good at drawing still lives. 

When we moved to Kenya, the English system gave me more freedom to explore what I liked and my main focus. I quickly became one of the best artists in the school. Thanks to the Russian fundamentals, I had easier time executing my ideas, as I knew what I wanted and how to achieve it.

I am currently much more comfortable drawing traditionally, but I do learn digital art bit by bit. 

I don't tend to have many final illustrations as because I am never satisfied with the final results and think that there are always something to add. But I enjoy and have detailed sketchbook pages where everything is documented.

In the sketchbooks I also tend to gravitate towards exploring different concepts and illustration ideas.

One of my most liked traditional media today is gouache and I tend to take it out and draw when ever I am experiencing an art block and it helps me a lot.

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